April 22, 2020

Today, it's hard to keep up with the dozens of ways customers could get in touch with you. There's bound to be more options in the future, not less. At the same time, customer support is crucially important for your business—perhaps more than ever before.

It's the personal interactions with your brand that people remember most, making those first impressions even more crucial. Mess up that first support conversation, and you may never get another chance with that customer—and you may end up with a terrible Yelp or App Store review that scares away future customers.

During this lock down period, there may be a couple of visiting your online life pages or even your site. The visitors may be having several questions. Consider the possibility that they need to contact to you during this period.  The best option at the moment could be Online Consultation.

What could be effective for Online Consultation is Webforms. Webforms will give you the ability to remain linked with your future customers even though you might not be available. We offer 3 easy steps for online consultation which will be effective and convenient for your business and your potential customers as well.


Webforms are also a powerful means for website visitors to get in touch with a company, send information, place an order, send a request or an inquiry. All of the information submitted though web forms goes directly to a sales rep (or a dedicated inbox) and later gets transferred into the company’s database.

 How can Webforms be used?

  1. General Contact Form
  2. Application Form
  3. Eligibility Form
  4. Survey Form
  5. Registration Form
  6. Request Forms

Start Building Webforms and get connected wiht your potential customers.